"...and the Stars watch over us, guide us in our lives on this tiny planet, whisper answers to the problems of those who listen. but the Cosmic Path to these stars is traveled by She alone, an intrepid explorer destined to wander through Space, trudging through the Galactic Gloom, forever headed towards the distant Stars. their optimistic glowing is a constant reminder of her mission, and keeps her real as she journeys through the heartless vaccuum of Space. She is on a neverending quest to reach the Stars, and beg them to save us all, keep us from destroying what is important, and from killing ourselves over the superficial thoughts that charachterize the People. when her quest comes to an end, Love and Patience will reign at last, and a deep Understanding for what's truly important will be gained. there will be no more Hate, no more vapid discretion... when She reaches the Stars..."

-- from the Book of the Cosmic Shadows

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((Above image from Museum Morpheus.))

the hall of forsaken phantasms