If I were to die today,
Would you know how I feel?
Despite some of the things I may have
said and done,
would you know how I adore you?

Were my life taken away
at this very moment,
No words could express my sorrow
at not being able to say goodbye,
or what you meant to me in life -
a true friend,
someone I could trust and confide in,
who took care of me in my darkest hours.

If death were on its way right now,
to release me from this miserable world,
I wonder if I would be allowed to keep
my memories,
the things you've taught me,
the wonderful feelings you evoked from
deep within my soul.

If I were to die today,
Would I go without accomplishing
anything in life?
Even if I never lived to acheive
what is acquired with age,
at least I would know
that my time in this world was not
spent in dark desolation,
for I had you.